Music is a key element to provide a relaxed background or main focus point during corporate events, because the event is a direct reflection of the company hosting it, sophisticated music that everyone appreciates will help to boost the company’s image.

Music is very powerful and has a great effect on human emotions, the way people feel and consequently the success of the event much depends on the quality of the musical performances.

There's nothing quite like the intimate sound and visual appearance of a grand piano, however the practical implications of hiring and transporting a grand piano can be very costly and not all venues can accommodate the space.

For events, champagne receptions and upmarket weddings, we have a very sophisticated, unique solution.

Alongside David’s performances, we are able provide a grand piano at any venue.

David’s own grand piano is custom built to his requirements, it is not only incredibly portable but uses the very latest technology with the sound projected by one of the best Bose® PA systems on the market.

David’s grand piano provides a stunning focal point with a sound almost as good as a concert grand.

For further information or to hire David and grand piano for your wedding or event, please contact us.